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We are What We Eat.

I realize that you have probably heard this since you were a child, but it's true and that's why nutrition is important. What we eat impacts every aspect of our lives from the amount of energy we have to the size of our clothes and our mood.

A diet rich in nutrients from wholesome sources such as plants and animals raised/grown organically are so important. Our food is the primary source of all of our bodies needs including nutrients, fibre, energy. Obtaining the right balance of healthy fats, such as olive oil or eating enough soluble fibre as well as all of the nutrients required to keep our brains, muscles, joints and organs running smoothly is a challenge. It is especially difficult now with our busy lives and the temptation of convenient, prepared foods. Unfortunately, these foods simply do not have the nutritional value that will sustain good health for the long run and will negatively affect good health due to the chemical additives and preservatives and generally low-quality ingredients that they contain.

Consider eating good quality food as an investment in living a long and healthy life.

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